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Welcome, and thank you for visiting our school website. The Royal Docks Community School is a vibrant and special place, with high standards and expectations for all members of our community.  We are proud to be a member of the Co-operative Trust embedding the values of ‘aspire, learn, co-operate and achieve’ in all that we seek to achieve and become.



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GCSE results 2014 (post disapplication): 5 A*-C including English & maths = 40%. Percentage of students making expected progress in English = 66%. Percentage of students making expected progress in maths = 67% Without students in the Profound & Multiple Learning Department the numbers are 5 A*-C including English & maths = 41%. Percentage of students making expected progress in English = 67%. Percentage of students making expected progress in maths = 68%.

Language of the Month of November is Bulgarian. Please click on this link.

To mark the Centenary anniversary of WW1 and Remembrance Day, we had a very special guest visit  on Friday 21st November. John Gallagher, In Pensioner W06,  who served in the Royal Ordnance Corp was welcomed by Mr Tim Harrison, Chair of Governors,  as part of the school’s 100 year anniversary remembrance event programme. Members of the scholl took part in a whole school homework collecting the principles and values that their own families stand for and gathered them together in the form of a giant poppy which has been on display in the school’s rotunda.  

The remembrance and giant poppy programme was inspired by a year 7 class who, as part of their study of Gulliver’s Travels, discussed values and principles. In the novel there is a dispute about which end a person should break their egg!  In the novel 6000 men die for the right to break their egg on either end. The class discussed the values and principles that they would stand for and went home to gather ideas from their families. Mr Ross, Deputy Head Teacher, and The Pastoral Team were so  moved by the work of the students that they set a whole school homework and collected the school community’s ideas together inside the giant poppy

Year 9 students Rob Cassar, Lauren Abbott, Elizabeth Salmon and Agne Pasvenskaite, cadets from The Royal Horse  Artillery, King’s Troop, along with Hayleigh Larkin and Geovanna Oliveira Almeida greeted Mr Gallagher and gave him a tour of the school before he added his own personal values, ‘family, country and the right to religious beliefs’, to the poppy display. He gave the Head Teacher, Mrs Wendy Bower, a gift of a Chelsea Pensioner teddy bear that will be used as a prize for the student who designs a new school flag representing the school and community values and principles as inspired by the school’s centenary  remembrance programme.

 Please visit the photo section to view some great pictures of the day and also our recent Dance Mat competition, Enrichment Day and Global Partnership event.


Please visit the link below and watch a promotional video made by Tashan Russell and Ashtyn Michael from Year 11