Art & Photography

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known”

Oscar Wilde

As a department we aim to inspire students’ desire and motivation in Art and to be proud of their achievement. We aim to develop students thinking skills to develop ideas, create independent learners and promote transferable skills and develop students’ communication of ideas effectively by critiquing art work.

Art work (GCSE/2015)

We offer the options of Fine Art and Photography at key stage 4. In Photography you have a preparation period to research, investigate and develop your ideas based on the themes of Portraiture and Surrealism.

In all units of work students are expected to explore and experiment their ideas by applying relevant Photoshop tools. Students are encouraged to develop their initial ideas through processes and editing techniques which must be documented through print screens and clear annotations, justifying and evaluating their outcomes.

We actively encourage expressionism through exploring and recording ideas, discussing starting points and source materials for future projects, researching art, craft and design using appropriate sources of information and evaluating their own ideas and others work. With a development of thoughts, concepts and visualisations we encourage the use of the internet to further investigate the work of artists, crafts people and designers with the use of Photoshop to promote and enhance creativity.

We further aim to provide opportunities for students to develop their creative and imaginative thinking skills, making reasoned judgements and decisions, adapting and refining their work. We wish our students to possess a willingness to explore and consider alternate ideas, viewpoints and possibilities whilst maintaining independence and self-confidence in their own opinions and ideas. Ultimately we wish for our students to adapt a recognition of the range of possibilities for further education and employment in the creative and cultural industries. To help aid our aims we offer various forms of extra-curricular activities:

  • Art residential trips in the UK and Europe
  • Art gallery visits
  • The chance to participate in the Rosetta Arts project
  • The chance to work with various professional artists
  • Study support workshops with the help and support of exceptional technology
  • The design of Drama and Music sets for school productions.

John O’Donnell

Head of Art