Philisophy and Ethics

“To find yourself, think for yourself.”


Philosophy and Ethics is a well-recognised qualification which is studied at the best of British educational institutions. This course encourages higher level thinking skills and discussion which challenges everyday thought. Students will be able to evaluate, interpret, debate modern day issues within a variety of perspectives.

The skills learnt in this subject provide the relevant foundations needed at college and university to study Law, Economics, History, English, Psychology, Sociology  etc. We have gained an excellent track record of GCSE pass rates, our highest being 93%. It would be a wonderful opportunity for students to continue to enjoy one of the most dynamic, engaging, classes in the school as mentioned by students themselves. The dedication and enthusiasm of staff and the innovative design of the course allow students to discuss the most pressing social and ethical issues.

In conclusion this means that students will be introduced to exciting and intellectually challenging ideas, and helped to become better at thinking through issues and communicating with others.

Philosophy and Ethics develops a variety of transferable skills including discussion and debate, logical argument and critical evaluation.

Arfan Hussain

Head of RE & SMSC

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