Curriculum Outline

“Parents matter, buildings count, curriculum choices, materials, resources – all these things are important in a top-class education.”

Heywood Broun

Values and purpose

The Royal Docks Community School is committed to inclusion of all pupils and to promoting the highest possible standards of education through the provision of a well-ordered, secure and stimulating environment. We value the strengths that pupils bring to the school and seek to build upon these in a way that both raises all learners’ expectations and encourages diversity and tolerance. Furthermore, we recognize and actively support the notion that all pupils, regardless of gender, race, class or ability/disability have the right of access to all areas of the curriculum. We value and support all our learners and seek to offer them the support they need to achieve their full potential.

Aims of the school curriculum

The Royal Docks Community School offers a broad-based education, which allows pupils to acquire, develop and apply a range of knowledge, understanding, concepts, and skills that contribute to the development of the whole person. The school has high expectations of its pupils and seeks to set realistic but challenging goals, which will allow them to maximize their potential and develop a sense of self-discipline and self-worth. In particular, the curriculum:

  • Emphasises the importance of basic skills of oracy, literacy, numeracy and information technology and communication – in order that our pupils can achieve independence of learning as a preparation for adult life;
  • Seeks to develop a balanced approach to curriculum provision – exposing pupils to a variety of educational experiences through the National Curriculum and beyond – which promotes pupils’ achievement
  • Recognises the importance of flexibility and differentiation in curriculum provision and goal-setting to meet the needs of all pupils and guide them in terms of their growth and development;
  • Seeks to broaden pupils’ awareness of the spiritual, moral social and cultural diversity of the society they live in and to develop in them a sense of right and wrong – while, at the same time, celebrating diversity;

The curriculum also encourages pupils to be aware of the health and safety issues surrounding both themselves and others.

In implementing the curriculum, the school values the support of parents/carers in the community and seeks to encourage and enable them to become active partners in the education of their children. Equally, the school recognizes the crucial importance of a highly-motivated and knowledgeable staff and actively supports their professional development as a means of extending, improving and refining curriculum provision.