Breakfast Club

Breakfast Service

We recognise the importance of every student beginning the day with a breakfast and recognise that they may simply not wish/or find time to eat before leaving home.

Our Breakfast Service is open daily from 7:20am to 8:20am.

Students can obtain, any 3 items for 50pence or if entitled to a free school meal or a pupil premium funded student receive 3 items for free. (Any drink is classed as one item).

We offer:

  • cereal/porridge
  • beans on toast
  • bacon roll
  • chicken sausage in a roll
  • toast with jam/marmalade
  • yogurts
  • hot chocolate
  • fruit juice
  • a range of toasted sandwiches (cheese, ham, tomato, onion).

Students can enjoy their breakfast at the pupil entrance of the school, where a range of board games are available, or to chat to friends, if they prefer.