Saturday School

“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.”

Jonas Salk
12sat school

For the past 3 years we have offered a very successful Saturday School to year 4, 5 & 6 students. The sessions run during term time and are well attended by students from a variety of neighbouring primary schools.  The aim of the sessions is to develop and assist the learning that takes place in the primary curriculum and we have close links with the local primary schools to ensure that this happens.

The students get the opportunity to meet our teachers as well as take part in new and exciting subjects. Here is an overall of the subjects we offer.


The science department at our school has provided various opportunities and activities to all the pupils who have chosen to attend our Saturday School provisions. Pupils have had the chance to get involved with hands on practical activities which have had the main purpose of extending and further developing their learning of Science. The focus of science lessons during Saturdays is around the development of skills needed to succeed on the understanding of scientific content. We have attempted to develop the skills that will allow pupils to become better observers, reflectors and evaluators of science experiments and life situations in general. By completing these activities pupils have developed other soft skills such as team work, communication, writing and reading skills. Additionally, pupils have been exposed to the relevance of science in our life by completing experiments around healthy eating and lifestyle, conservation of nature etc.

Overall, pupils have used a range of basic scientific equipment and have learnt the importance of making careful measurements during an experiment. They have begun to understand the concept of fair testing and apply this during practical work. This has allowed them to discuss their findings to the scientific concepts learnt. Ultimately, they have developed skills that can allow them to relate the findings from experiments.


The media sessions offered during Saturday school have combined a range of skills that students have developed over time. Students have studied a range of elements in order to better understand the finer details of cinema and media. This term we have focused on colour used in films and also understanding of films which will support their comprehension skills across other subjects.

Students have been given opportunities to work both individually in order to develop their metacognitive skills and in groups in order to develop team work skills. The films we have watched have also allowed us to discuss wider issues that are seen around the world in the newspapers and on the TV. Within Fantastic Mr Fox we have discussed issues surrounding eviction and animal rights; the Adventures of Tintin has helped us to develop our discussions around the themes of good and evil and Jurassic Park has offered our older students a glimpse into the world of man vs. nature and the moral implications of altering nature’s course of action for monetary gain.

Within Media we have covered skills that are useful in PSHE, English, Media, Art, History, and Philosophy. These skills are transferable for all students across all subjects.


In Drama, the students have learnt many new performance skills such as Mime, Characterisation and Slow Motion. But more than that, they have learnt how to successfully work as part of a team; they have learnt how to problem-solve and negotiate with each other, and how to both provide positive feedback and implement the constructive criticism they receive. They have worked in a variety of different groups and have gained the confidence to share their plays with each other. They have been fabulous and I have thoroughly enjoyed helping the students develop skills for life – well done!


In English, the students have been working individually and as part of a group on writing adventure and horrors stories, using a variety of different stimuli to inspire their creativity. They have developed and enhanced their vocabulary, their understanding of the English language and their creative writing and public-speaking skills. Through the interactive and exciting activities, the students have developed their confidence and have bonded with other students from neighbouring schools across the Borough. It has been a pleasure to work with such fantastic young people.


In Maths, the pupils have worked really hard on improving their times table knowledge.  We have done this through the use of multiplication bingo and a range of other games and activities.  The pupils have worked well as individuals and in groups to complete taskes related to number work including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  They have also covered some work on shape and measure.  Each week the pupils have taken part in a maths puzzle which has proved challenging, however this has been supported them in preparing for their KS2 SATs.


Alexis Wilson

Head of Year 10 & Saturday School