Goals4Girls Award Ceremony

12 July 2017

Goals4Girls recognises the achievements of the girls on the programme at the annual award ceremony, giving young women the opportunity to celebrate their achievements with their families, carers, peers and teachers. Additionally, we believe there should be recognition for positive behaviour and attendance, therefore the young women will be rewarded throughout the programme for positive change.

Guests were:

Jas Hothi – London Youth

Kevin Pickering – Princes Trust

Susie Rodgers – During the 2011 Paralympics Rodgers won six medals, five gold and one silver.

“All I can say is how lucky I feel that my daughter has come to be involved with this group of people and a special teacher in Ms Brown. My daughter is a child that needs this programme to give her the skills for her to go out into the big wide world and I am so proud she is able to be apart of this.” Year 9 parent.

“I love this programme as it has helped me so much in my life for example, my confidence has improved immensely. Thank you so much.” Shayma Y9

“ I have definitely improved my self confidence and I am able to communicate a lot better. I am so thankful to Francesca”

“I probably wouldn’t be like this without Fran and this programme. Fran being my mentor is just the best, she encourages you to be who you are.”

“G4G is an amazing programme, it has taught me to love my self and to know that I can succeed and achieve.”

“Goals are always achievable. You just have to believe. This programme is the first step” – Susie Rodgers

“I wouldn’t be anything without this programme and this is the reason I have come so far.” Chanelle Callison Y11

“Francesca has helped me so much on everything even though I am not a professional footballer. I joined this year, I have really enjoyed my time and I love this programme. Thank you.”

“I found that I could actually make something of myself.”

“Life altering.”

Francesca Brown

Managing Director at Goals4Girls

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