History Lessons Brought To Life

13 March 2018

Young historians took a trip to learn more about the consequences of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

The Year 8 students from Royal Docks Academy visited the National Maritime Museum as part of their 18th and 19th century studies.

Students were able to examine original written documents from slave plantations and the records of slave slips and slave auctions.

They discussed what use the documents have in helping to understand the attitudes and actions of those involved in the trade, as well as handling museum artefacts.

Tricia Molloy, head of history, said: “Students also worked in groups to do their own research in the Transatlantic Gallery to answer specific questions given to them, creating an electronic mind map of their findings.

“Royal Docks students impressed the museum curators with their knowledge and ability to make inference sand connections form the evidence they were able to examine.”

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