Global Partnership

“Pupils have an interest in their studies, in the world around them. They know that there is a world out there, that they are going to be part of, and they want to play a very positive part of that society.”


The Global Partnership programme has been set up at the Royal Docks Community School to encourage educational and international links with other schools around the world dealing with global issues such as the environment, human rights, poverty and much more.

The project encourages international links and cross curricular teaching between different departments and institutions in the UK and abroad which is something the Royal Docks has embraced. As a result of our keen and thorough participation we have recently acquired The British Council International School Award.

The Global Partnership programme invites teachers, staff, parents, governors and educators from outside of school to enjoy creating, supporting and facilitating projects with students from all around the globe. It is not a compulsory programme however we at the Royal Docks Community School are very lucky to have had a number of teachers, the chair of governors, parents and other members of staff participating in the programme which has lead to us winning such a prestigious award.

Teachers are able to travel to visit sister schools around the world and we are working hard to extend this invitation to the pupils also. At the moment we are working hard to bridge links with Argentina and India however we are in the process of establishing far more.


Nadia Kitouni

Global Partnership Ambassador