Our Mission


Our aims for students at Royal Docks Community School are that they will:

  • ASPIRE: Our students aspire to a future in which they play a significant, influential, powerful and satisfying part
  • LEARN: Our students learn through developing knowledge, skills, understanding and creativity – effective and high quality learning from effective and high quality teaching will make their aspirations a reality
  • CO-OPERATE: Our students co-operate with each other and all members of the school community through mutual respect, regard and understanding
  • ACHIEVE: Our students achieve academic success, emotional maturity, creativity, cultural and sporting excellence, social confidence and responsibility


  • Students will be highly ambitious and achieve their full potential as they progress over five years from year 7 to 11. They will have the necessary skills and a clear pathway forward as they move on successfully to the post-16 phase of their education
  • Students will be taught by committed teachers who have high expectations of them and set high standards
  • Students will become highly literate and numerate with a broad and impressive skill set so that they are well prepared to be lifelong learners and successful adults
  • Students will be a part of a learning community where it is safe to learn, where everyone is valued and included and where they  become independent and highly successful learners
  • Students will experience a full range of educational opportunities in school and after school to allow them to develop and improve their talents and interests
  • Students will develop co-operative principles