Parliament Trip

13 March 2018

Students watched over live debates in the Houses of Parliament as part of their lessons.

Year 10 citizenship and history students from Royal Docks Academy took a trip to Parliament to bring their learning to life.

Students were given tours of both Houses of Parliament and took seats in the public galleries.

In the House of Commons, they listened to part of the back-bench business debate and in the House of Lords heard part of a debate on the NHS.

They also saw –

· the statue suffragettes chained themselves to and had to be sawn off from,

· the plaques in Westminster Hall marking where historic figures such as Charles de Gaulle, Nelson Mandella, Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth II have made speeches,

· the hand delivery of a bill from the House of Lords to the House of Commons and learnt it is called a Ping Pong.

Students took part in workshops in the House of Commons education centre where they made arguments in favour of different methods of protest.

Robert McGoldrick, head of citizenship, said: “All groups presented their arguments well and the group arguing for petitions won the debate by linking their method directly to the role of Parliament.

“Students had time to briefly take in some of the surrounding sights, including Westminster Abbey, an under-renovation Big Ben, as well as witnessing a real protest about BREXIT.

“The students were a real credit to themselves and to the school with their work and behaviour.”

Student Enock Kintu said: “It was an eye-opener to see how seriously people in Parliament take their jobs. Everything is very traditional there and it was good to explore Parliament.”

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