Royal Docks Alumni Required

20 February 2018

Former students are being called upon to inspire the next generation.

Royal Docks Academy is working with Future First, a charity which helps schools to keep in touch with leavers, to reconnect with former students.

The school would like to find out what its alumni have done since leaving school and to invite them back to share their experiences and advice with current students.

It is hoped former students will talk to Year 9 students about choosing GCSE options, to Year 11 about exams, revision and choosing a post-16 route and will let students know what the first year after school is like.

Shelby Baum, alumni co-ordinator at Royal Docks, said: “We would like former students to come in and take part in enrichment days or help students with producing their CVs.

“The idea is to get our students thinking about what they can achieve in the future and showing them examples of success. Our alumni programme enables us to demonstrate to students what people from the same background as them have achieved.

“We tell our students they can do anything, but to show them where their courses can take them and people being successful is even more powerful. A big part of this programme is showing students real career pathways; that is very aspirational.”

The school already has about 750 former students signed up to its alumni programme, but is keen to build on that.

An alumni board in the school reminds students of the success their predecessors have had.

Andrew Ross, head of school, said: “Having been a part of this school for many years, I am very aware at the large numbers of students who have left here and gone on to be successful in life.

“We would absolutely love for them to come back and to tell their stories to our current students.”

Year 11 students are being signed up before they leave the school.

Sign up to the alumni community at by submitting information about GCSEs studied, whether you went to college and / or university and where you are now in your life.

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