Students pull computer apart – in the name of Education!

20 February 2018

Computers were pulled apart during a school lesson – all in the name of education.

Year 8 computer science students at Royal Docks Academy got to grips with the inside of a machine.

During studies on the inside of a computer, students were challenged to take one apart before piecing it back together with the use of a worksheet to help them to identify the parts.

Modupe Atoyebi, second in charge of computer science, said: “The practical session was about developing a good understanding of the components of a computer. Students were able to visualise what they had been learning about.

“The students were really excited. It is one thing reading about the process, but another being able to dismantle an actual computer themselves. They had carried out the research and so were keen to get on and investigate further independently.

“They now have the skills to build their own computer, to expand the memory of a system and to understand when a computer is overheating and to identify what could be affecting the speed, such as the processor size.”

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