“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

Nelson Mandela

In our school 80.1% of students are of ethnic minority backgrounds and for 68.5% English is not their first language. We are a very strong department and we help our students using a variety of strategies including parental involvement.

  • Transition learning support
  • Partnership teaching
  • KS3 withdrawal
  • KS4 Intervention
  • Mentoring
  • Facilitate Mid Phase Admission students’ process
  • Bilingualism support

We deliver Intervention lessons to all our EAL (English as Additional Language) students that are new to English to ensure all our students have a smooth transition while facing the challenge of learning a new language.

We believe that a diverse atmosphere where students feel encouraged and supported is key in order to overcome any language barriers.

This information will enable students to identify with their home language and to help them maintain contact with their place of origin. It will provide a great opportunity for other students to learn basic phrases in a different language and to identify simple vocabulary. It will be a fantastic opportunity for our young people to strengthen bonds of friendship, encouraging pride in their home cultures and enabling them to show off their countries to fellow students/peers.

Ethnic Minority Achievement

We endeavour to be a diverse team of teachers, whose multilingualism corresponds as closely as possible to languages spoken at school, facilitating home-school, links, interpretation and translation.

We celebrate diversity and bilingualism supporting the emotional wellbeing of our learners as well as playing an active part in supporting the local community through parental liaison.

We use data to ensure precise evaluation of student progress following the MPA initial assessment.

We work closely with the SEN department to ensure students’ needs are met to the highest possible level.

We serve as advocates for EAL students across the school, advising other teachers and suggesting appropriate materials and strategies for individual students.

We are:

  • Committed to developing excellent practice to support EAL students (including more advanced bilingual students who are fluent speakers) in order to ensure a smooth transition and induction process.
  • Flexible in our timetables as to be able to respond to the immediate needs of students.
  • Dedicated to raising achievement of all EAL students and have put in place a range of measures to ensure that our EAL students are supported so they can achieve the highest possible standards.


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Crina Petrescu

Head of EMA