“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go!”

Dr. Seuss

Literacy is an aspect of our curriculum that is taught through all subjects. It is the art of understanding language in all aspects of life; how it works and why we use it.

At The Royal Docks Community School we expect that all teachers be teachers of literacy and that all students are students of literacy. We ensure that literacy is embedded into both our lessons and our marking, making it a part of every-day life for our students.

Literacy is taught within all subjects, focusing on key language and specific writing styles.

We are also supported through tutor time activities. In Years 7 and 8 we have class readers, books that we read together in order to support our comprehension skills. We discuss these texts, the themes surrounding them and what we think of the characters so that we can enhance our comprehension skills across all subjects. In Year 9 we use literacy study guides in order to cement our spelling, punctuation, accuracy of writing, and grammar skills before we go on to Year 10. These grammar books also teach us how to become independent learners, showing us how to study and revise for key exams in Year 11.

We host opportunities throughout each term for students to improve both their written literacy and spoken oracy. Writing competitions (with exciting prizes!) are regularly held in order for students to show off their wide range of skills and we also host a half termly debating competition between staff and students.

Every day we have a Spelling of the Day for students to focus on and learn, students are rewarded for correct use of the spelling by their class teachers.

Our vision for literacy is to ensure that each and every student has the opportunity to improve their written and spoken English in all subjects. This will happen with the support of staff across the school. Students will develop their ability to learn for themselves with minimal support from staff as the students that take learning into their own hands are the ones who succeed.

Anthony O’Brien

English / Language Coordinator