“Good numeracy is the best protection against unemployment, low wages and poor health.”

Andreas Schleicher

Being numerate means having the confidence and skill to use numbers and mathematical approaches in all aspects of life – at work, in practical everyday activities at home and beyond, as consumers, in managing our finances, as parents helping our children learn, as patients making sense of health information, as citizens understanding the world about us.

We at the Royal Docks Community School encourage our students to reason with numbers and other mathematical concepts and to apply these in a range of contexts and to solve a variety of problems skilfully, accurately and logicaly. Being numerate is as much about thinking and reasoning logically as it is about ‘doing sums’.

At the Royal Docks Community School numeracy falls under the Mathematics department however, all teachers are expected to use numeracy in their lessons. Students are expected to demonstrate good numeracy skills in their work and/or answers in all subjects. Outstanding Students’ work is rewarded and displayed.

Top tips for parents

  • Be positive and encouraging about mathematics. Avoid negative comments such as “I can’t do mathematics” or “I hated mathematics at school” – your child may start to think like that themselves.
  • Point out the mathematics in everyday life. Include your child in activities involving numbers and measuring, such as shopping, cooking and travelling.
  • Praise your child for effort rather than for being “clever”. This shows them that by working hard they can always improve.


Eugene Asare

Numeracy Co-ordinator