Yr. 8 Art at the Guildhall Gallery

6 March 2017

Year 8 Art Work Exhibited at the prestigious Guildhall Gallery in Central London

We hereby invite all students, parents and members of staff to visit the exhibition Echoes Across the Century at the prestigious Guildhall Gallery in central London.

A selection of our talented and creative year 8 Art students were chosen to participate in the World War I inspired project, led by the professional artist Jane Churchill. The exhibition explores the personal stories of those involved in the war as they grappled with separation from loved ones and kept the country moving.

The exhibition is open from March the 31st to July the 16th.

To find out more about this exciting event, please visit:


A special thank you to Jane Churchill and our year 8 artists: Mitchell Huett 8G, Tommy Ellis 8E, Mateusz Kopec 8S, Adil Jamaldin 8T, Ramin Saadati 8V, Nahian Sazzadul 8S, Summer Carter 8A, Gemma Benjamin 8S, Viktoria Adam 8E, Libby Bentham 8A, Emiliano Perleka 8G, Anna Chen 8V, Spasimira Dimitrova 8K, Eylem Delipalta 8E, Jasmine Sturdy 8G, Erica Dumitru 8V, Risha Talokder 8K, Shane Abigail Hunt 8G.

Click here to see pictures of students at work and the Guildhall

Click here to see the poster: Echoes Across the Century


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